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Note to New Vegans

Sometimes I feel as though I’m living in the days when veganism was rare, because finding a vegan sandwich/meal/soup/hot drink is so difficult in most places! I knew I was going to have this problem when I became vegan, but I thought I’d overcome it in little to no time.

Instead, I find myself having to carry food around with me all the time because I can’t find vegan food anywhere. The number one place that makes it impossible for me to eat properly is my university. Okay they’ve has started selling sandwiches from Cranks (n.b. only one of the sandwiches they order in is vegan), and most of the time they have vegan soup; but getting something as simple as a soya latte is SO difficult!! I’ve asked them repeatedly if they can start serving hot drinks with alternatives to milk, but no one thinks it’s worth it. I understand that the university might not have a great deal of vegan students; but there must be students who suffer from lactose intolerance, or simply don’t like milk?!

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is:

If you’re planning on going vegan, be prepared to make a packed lunch or at least bring some vegan snacks with you. Personally, I always have a pack of Nairn’s Mixed Berries Oatcakes with me to snack on in lectures, or Pastinos pasta crisps when I’m going out.

**Vegans: what food do you take with you?

N.B. this may not be true for everyone. I’m sure there are universities that cater for vegans.

**If you went to/go to a university that caters for vegans, why not comment below & help vegan students out?

Being vegan may not always be easy,

but the most worthwhile things in life rarely are.

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2 thoughts on “Note to New Vegans

  1. I am a vegetarian that could probably go vegan if it wasn’t for “hidden” ingredients in foods at my university. A veggie burger sounds great, but if it has whey protein or cheese in it, well not vegan! I just eat the healthiest I can with what I’ve got at this point in my life.

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